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Claymont Health and Rehabilitation "Wishing" Program for Residents

February 14, 2020
Uhrichsville, Ohio - Going the extra mile to make our residents stay even better is so important to us at Claymont Health & Rehab. One way we get to accomplish that is through our Wishing Program. By granting a wish for our residents, we can show them what “A Culture of Care” means to us!
Today we got to grant a wish for Holley. She is a short term resident here with us. While getting to know her better, we learned that her favorite thing to do is volunteer for different organizations with her sister. She said she is a busy body and always likes to be doing something! When asked what makes her smile, she said that being around happy people is what really brings her joy! It is true- a smile really is contagious!

We love having Holley here with us and were excited to grant her a wish. All Holley could think of that she would like to have is a Big Mac (no lettuce or pickle) and a Sprite from McDonald’s for lunch! Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most! Enjoy your meal, Holley!

Foundations Health Solutions is Ohio’s premier long-term care company managing 57 nursing homes specializing in physical therapy, skilled nursing, quality outcomes, and resident satisfaction. With strong Christian values and heritage, we are committed to serving our communities with the highest level of clinical excellence and resident satisfaction, along with a strong employee culture which places priority and resources on the direct caregiving team. The Wishing Program has had a powerful impact on our staff, residents, and their families. We will continue to grant wishes for our residents to have a positive impact.

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Claymont Health and Rehabilitation "Wishing" Program for Residents
We love going the extra mile for our residents!

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